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Power Tool Battery Usage Tips to read the number [765] Published: 2013-06-08 16:22:04

 If you are performing any sort of household improvement, diy jobs or work professionally such as in a vehicle repair unit, the chances are that you will be working with one or more hand held power device. These days most of the smaller power tools are cordless, relying on batteries,to give them power so it’s good to know a bit about these batteries and how to treat them so as to get the optimum life and performance out of them. 

(1)Battery Recharging Time

Generally speaking, power tool batteries like the dewalt 18volt battery do not want to be left on the re-charger for a long time. If they’re left on the re-charger once they have been replenished they start to overheat and this causes the battery to degrade.

(2)To Empty Battery …or Not To Empty?
Opinions differ about the correctness of waiting till a battery is completely emptied of power before re-charging. Some say you should or you are reducing the battery life and others say that batteries nowadays don’t have ‘memories’ and it doesn’t make any difference if you do. It is maybe the best option to wait wherever possible until you can feel the battery is starting to get low before recharging but if you do need to reload before that then it’s unlikely to do much damage to the battery. Best remedy is to invest in a second battery so you can always have one charging. 

(3)Battery Harm

There is the NiMH or Nickel-metal Hydride battery. These have longer run time than Nicad’s as they can hold 2 – 3 times the charge and they are lighter in weight. They have a couple of negatives for you to bear in mind in that they cannot be charged so many times as the nicads can and also they don’t perform well in extreme temperatures.

And then there are the Li-ion or Lithium Ion batteries. These batteries have the ability to store substantial amounts of energy when compared to the other 2 types of batteries, are able to hold their charge longer and will continue to give good power until they are empty. These batteries are able to maintain their energy well when stored away but you should be aware that if these batteries drop all of their charge below a certain level you will never be able to charge them again!

They are more expensive than the nicad batteries but are able to perform nicely even at freezing point though they would need to be previously warmed up in a normal temperature room beforehand. They don’t perform well at very high temperature. They have a technology that ensures all cells in the battery are charged evenly so decreasing the wear and tear on the battery, helping to encourage longer life. They are a little bit more prone to failure due to relying on a small inbuilt computer.

Hopefully you will now be in a much better place to understand and choose which power device battery you want to go for.