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Why delivery time for Custom batteries are longer than standard batteries? to read the number [116] Published: 2017-06-06 11:43:52

Custom rechargeable batteries or battery packs are products that produce all the voltage,capacity,dimension and other datasheet according to different customers' requirements.Custom batteries are widely use for electronic products such as :Vehicle recorders, Bluetooth speakers, security, miner's lamp, security alarm, medical equipments,electronic toys,Mobile power supply, PSP,MP3,MP4,Game handle,healthcare devices,Heating clothing ,electronic devices testers,wireless diagnostics and so on.

Delivery time for most of custom batteries need longer time than standard batteries.The reason for such long time is because usually the custom batteries or battery packs need to make special battery cells or PCB according to customers' specifications.So when there are no exsisting battery cells and PCB available,we have to wait for the materials.

Another reason is usually battery packs need to make burn-in test after the battery packs are finished.